Academy Sports is preparing for Mississippi’s tax free weekend

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-Back-to-school shopping and tax-free means families can save some money. Mississippi’s sales tax holiday begins Friday 29, 2021. Items that will be exempt from sales tax include clothing and school supplies under 100-dollars per item.

Retailers like Academy Sports are getting ready for the increased traffic in the stores.

“Friday and Saturday all items back to school will be tax-free so that will be shirts, pants, socks, sneakers, backpacks, and lunchboxes all are under 100 dollars per individual item. One of the bigger things we do here at academy sports is we have our buy online and pick up in-store process and that is included in our tax-free as well and that will keep them from even getting out of their car. They will do the entire process and then we can just bring it out to them and it helps them make the process a lot easier,” said sales manager Ashlee Washington.

Families are encouraged to get to the stores early so they won’t miss out on good deals.