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HOUSTON, Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Bo Porter, president and CEO of Bo Porter Enterprise, today announced a strategic partnership between his Future All-Stars Baseball Development Academy and Isagenix, a global well-being company.

This partnership gives the academy’s student-athletes and their families access to a nationally accredited nutritionist brand and nutritional partner that encourages healthy living to boost sports performance and overall well-being. Porter worked closely with Isagenix nutritionists to create the Homerun Performance Pack for Kids and the Homerun Performance Pack for student-athletes ages 18 and older. Both packs are also suitable for use by age-appropriate, healthy family members, as well as the academy’s coaching staff and administrators.

“Athletic development happens in three phases – physical, fundamental and mental – and the addition of a nutritional partner gives our Future All-Stars Baseball Development Academy athletes an opportunity to boost their physical well-being, which will drive the success of their fundamental and mental success,” said Porter.

The Homerun Performance Pack For Kids includes three base products in a range of flavors that boost lean muscle development, sustain performance and energy levels, burn fat, replenish electrolytes and improve recovery. A protein bar add-on option provides convenient on-the-go, high-quality protein with no artificial sugars. The Homerun Performance Pack includes five products that fuel lean muscle development, enhance strength and energy, replenish electrolytes, boost hydration, support joint health, escalate recovery and reduce soreness. Both packs are scientifically designed to take workouts to the next level and can be purchased on the Future All-Stars Baseball Development Academy website.

“We know that a Ferrari is only as good as its fuel, and Isagenix has built its reputation on exceeding the standards typical in the supplement and nutraceutical space,” said Isagenix executive SaraMae Hollandsworth, who is a world-class Team Isagenix athlete, certified health coach and certified personal trainer. “The company’s no-compromise policy, coupled with its Informed-Sport certification, places Isagenix in a league of its own in fueling champions. We are thrilled to partner with Bo Porter and his Future All-Stars Baseball Development Academy in helping these student-athletes create a solid nutritional foundation that sets them up for success both on and off the field.”

Athletes and families also have access to nutritional consultations with Isagenix consultant Bridget Romo, who is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine for both personal training and nutrition coaching.

“The academy’s athletes need security in knowing the supplements they are taking are of the highest standards and quality,” said Romo. “Isagenix produces products that are safe for athletes so they can feel confident that their products have been tested for quality. This strategic Isagenix partnership gives academy athletes the opportunity to take their nutrition and performance to the next level.”

The Isagenix partnership further elevates Porter’s highly acclaimed baseball program. Earlier this year, the academy relocated to a new 12,000-square-foot state-of-the-art training facility at 15122 Highway 6 in Rosharon. Since its establishment in 1998, Bo Porter’s Future All-Stars Baseball Development Academy has earned an enviable reputation for its leading development and skills program for select and showcase teams.

Details about Bo Porter’s Future All-Stars Baseball Development Academy, team tryouts, camps, StarClub memberships and CLUBHOUSE opportunities are available at

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