Conor McGregor’s ‘Magic’ Recovery Weapon: TIDL Sport

Conor McGregor is a busy man. He’s a legendary MMA fighter, of course—his bout against Dustin Poirier is coming up at UFC 264 on July 10—but he’s also used his prestige to launch all kinds of business ventures (like his Proper No. Twelve Irish Whiskey) with his business partner and manager, Audie Attar. One of those companies, however, has become an essential part of his own training routine. TIDL Sport, a line of sports recovery products launched in January 2020, is now a key factor in keeping McGregor in top fighting shape.

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TIDL plant-powered cryotherapy spray


“I genuinely live on the TIDL product,” McGregor tells Men’s Journal. “I have been training my hardest every single day, and have never felt better.”

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Recovery doesn’t always get the attention it should in the fitness world, but it’s an essential part of training. You can’t perform at your best if muscles are fatigued from your last workout. In addition, even existing recovery products don’t always address the root causes of fatigue.

“We took a look at the sports recovery space and noticed the focus was entirely on pain relief, and in most cases the relief is temporary,” says TIDL sport chief executive officer Badal Shah.

TIDL Sport products are different. They were developed to give athletes an easy and effective way to boost their recovery and restore their bodies, not just mask soreness. Working with top athletes from a variety of disciplines, TIDL Sport’s team of clinicians and scientists assessed their fitness and recovery needs, and uncovered the deeper cause of pain and fatigue: inflammation throughout the body, especially in muscles and joints. From there, they formulated a new cryotherapy spray that, when applied daily, soothes aches and pains and promotes long-term healing.

“True sports recovery goes beyond just pain relief,” says Dr. Cohin Kakar, chief scientific officer at TIDL Sport. “It’s a daily commitment to addressing inflammation and other effects of intense training on the body and reviving muscles and joints so they can continue to perform better every single day.”

Of course, pro athletes and fitness enthusiasts have to be very careful about what they put in and on their bodies, and that’s why all of TIDL Sport’s products are plant-based and third-party tested to ensure they’re free of unwanted chemicals, THC, and other contaminants. Plus, they’re organic and contain ingredients grown on the company’s own farms in Oregon. In a crowded market for performance-focused products and supplements, that kind of transparency is refreshing.

But the most important factor in TIDL Sport’s success is simple: It works, and all kinds of elite athletes are using it to level up their performance.

“We are seeing amazing results from the performances of many of our athletes,” says Shah. “That includes Olympians, professional sports players, and of course Conor and MMA athletes.”

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Conor McGregor’s ‘Magic’ Recovery Weapon: TIDL Sport

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Conor McGregor holding a sign: TIDL plant-powered cryotherapy spray

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TIDL plant-powered cryotherapy spray

TIDL Sport has continued to innovate. Ahead of his bout against Poirier on July 10, McGregor established a new training camp in Costa Mesa, CA. To help him achieve (and sustain) peak fitness for the fight, the TIDL Sport team has been working with Sports Rehab Los Angeles to provide daily stretching and physical therapy that complement the TIDL products McGregor already uses. When you’re about to perform on the world stage, you need every tool in your arsenal.

“Health and wellness has to be approached from a full body, holistic manner,” says Kakar. “A daily focus on making the body better for tomorrow can go a long way in every athlete’s journey.”

In August 2021, the company will also launch TIDL Armour, a line of “immunity strips” that use a proprietary blend of ingredients and a new delivery technology to support your immune system. As the world emerges from a devastating pandemic, it couldn’t come at a better time.

“As the communities begin to return to their normal routines, we wanted to create a product that gave them peace of mind,” says Shah.

True fitness requires training smarter and understanding your body, and TIDL Sport is quickly establishing itself as an essential part of that formula. As he prepares for the biggest fight of his career, McGregor is living proof of how effective proper recovery can be.

“It’s magic,” he says. “Using TIDL products, my body recovers quickly, and I bounce back fast.”

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