Fitness Fans Go Wild for ‘Scary’ Hack Which Makes Your Arms Look Ripped in Seconds

Fitness fans are going wild over a “scary” hack which makes your arms look ripped in seconds.

A toned physique usually means spending hours working out in the gym to achieve your dream body.

But gym fanatics are sharing a quick tip to make your arms bulge, creating a striking look through making your veins pop.

A sports fan, named Shane.Pell, shared a clip to TikTok earlier this month, demonstrating how it’s done.

He rolls his T-shirt sleeve up, and grabs his upper left arm with his right hand.

“Hand here, then you get it up and throw it out,” he explains, as he energetically opens his arm.

Shane’s veins and arteries are suddenly prominent in his forearm, and the striking sight is met with disbelief from onlookers, who can be heard swearing and saying “that’s crazy” in the background.

The clip has been watched more than 3.2 million times, as other fitness fans sought to try it out for themselves.

Parents Chase Clark and Lexie O’Dette, from Michigan, stitched the video, as Clark decided to test it himself.

“Ok let’s see yours,” O’Dette says, as the pair stand in front of their bathroom mirror.

Clark follows Shane’s instructions, and is amazed when his arms pop in a similar way, with O’Dette’s mouth dropping in shock.

The clip, which they shared to TikTok on Tuesday, has already been viewed more than 15 million times, as they captioned it: “Okay this is actually insane!!!”

The clip has amassed numerous comments, as people branded the move “scary” and “painful” looking.

Lazzerboy10 joked: “I tried but then I realized I don’t have that many muscles.”

Jada Holder raved: “As a phlebotomist I would love to draw your blood.”

Kibolo97 asked: “Does it only work for men?”

Kenzie Lindberg admitted: “I tried it but my elbow cracked instead.”

“Is this safe?” DJ_Malkani commented.

While Zeke jokingly wrote: “Step one: Be shredded.”

Caitlyn reckoned: “Looks painful though.”

Fitness fan Jackie Kay admitted: “Dang I’m not working out hard enough yet.”

While Bell simply thought: “This is scary.”

And seemingly explaining the physiology going on in the move, Kylie Jhonson explained: “For the people that are trying this: you’re essentially cutting the flow from your brachial artery and increasing the pressure in your forearm veins.”

While SinatraSins added: “FYI he flick doesn’t matter and you just need to lean. The amount of vascularity depends on the genetics.”

Newsweek reached out to O’Dette, Clark and Shane for a comment.

A stock image of a bodybuilder showing off his muscles. A scary “hack” which makes your arms look ripped in seconds has amassed millions of views.
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