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Photo provided by Laken Figel
Laken Figel leads one of her fitness classes with a full studio participating. There are four different class options to choose from currently at the Caldwell location.

PassionFit Class Schedule for



Mondays: Ab Bootcamp or Arm Burn – 5:15 a.m.

Wednesdays: Booty Builder – 5:15 a.m.

Thursdays: Hip-Hop Dance – 6 p.m.

Fridays: Bootcamp Dance – 7 a.m.

About Laken:

Figel is 23 and was born and raised in Caldwell, Ohio

She is a graduate of Caldwell High School

Figel received her Bachelor’s in Early Elementary Education in 2020 and received her nutrition certification through Ohio University, Zanesville campus

CALDWELL — When Caldwell native Laken Figel was in high school, she fell in love with fitness and joined weight-lifting sessions alongside the boys sports teams.

Fast forward to today, and Figel has been the owner of the 24-hour Lifestyle Gym in the Courtyard Square of Caldwell since 2019, and she is launching her second gym location in Beverly with a grand opening on Aug. 7.

“I started teaching fitness classes going into my sophomore year of college (in Cambridge) and the place I work paid for me to get certified,” Figel. “I loved it, so I thought maybe I should bring it to Caldwell, so I found a place in Caldwell and people I went to church with let me use their building for free … I started teaching classes on Sunday nights and it just grew and grew.”

Figel fell in love with the idea of bringing her passion for working out and maintaining a holistic, reasonably balanced routine back to her hometown shortly thereafter. When she found the storefront that is Lifestyle Gym today, she decided that it had enough space to become both a fitness studio and a gym for the community.

The interior is filled with bright industrial lights and sleek designed walls. An Herbalife Shake Shop is also available for gym goers to grab a nutritious pick-me-up before or after their workout.

“This place has done better than I ever thought it would,” Figel said in regards to both gym membership numbers and fitness class attendee numbers, which never seem to dip below 25 enthusiastic participants.

Figel offers online classes so participants can join in from near and far, and she currently has women in 16 different states who tune in.

After seeing the community respond to her business, Figel decided she would begin to smash additional goals and she created a list of five other cities where she would like to eventually open.

“Beverly was not initially on my list,” Figel said. “I have 12 to 15 girls who do my classes online from Beverly, and I started training some girls from Beverly. I just started building relationships with people from Beverly and the building itself kind of fell in my lap, and I feel like it just kind of worked out.”

Figel has not let any obstacle stop her from constant growth and expansion, even the time she had to close the doors of Lifestyle Gym due to COVID, using that time to expand her studio space to accommodate larger class sizes and expand her online fitness services.

“I am hoping that Beverly will be like Caldwell,” Figel said. “People take care of things … the amount of support I have from people is unreal. If something breaks, there are so many guys who can just bring in their toolbag and fix it. I never have to worry about anything here.”

Figel wants to challenge the stigmas surrounding working out, and to promote the idea of a greater balance and the concept of having fun when you get moving.

“If you want to go have pizza with friends on the weekend, go do that,” Figel said.

Brandey Mincks has been a gym member since Lifestyle Gym opened in 2019, and found that fitness classes have been a good way for her to take time for herself as a mother and a teacher.

“I am super excited, I’ve been down to Beverly with her,” Mincks said. “I feel like there’s a definite need … I am excited for Beverly and I think it will be good.”

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