Local sports camps report record participation due to summer games

(WTNH) – “The beauty of the Olympics is the variety in the sports you see on TV,” says Matt Junior, Director of National Sales at Skyhawks Sports Academy, with locations here in Connecticut, reporting record participation at it’s youth sports camps. “I think it’s a combination of the Olympics and pent-up demand that’s helping with the success we’re seeing right now.”

A great antidote to the challenges we’ve experienced in the last year and a half.

“I know it was a big concern for parents to see their kids constantly staring at a screen,” he says, referring to the Covid lockdown.

Skyhawks offers the usual sports like soccer, football and baseball but Junior says the games are inspiring kids to try out new categories like skate boarding and surfing, as well.

“I always try to suggest trying new sports, I think to be more well rounded and get different skills, it’s important to try different things,” he says. “We try to introduce the right skills at the right time, slowly introduce competition when it makes sense – so that way they don’t burn out too early.”

Experts say involvement in sports can be beneficial for many kids.

“It gives you that confidence, your social circle, your friend group – it teaches you how to work as a team,” says Junior. “We truly believe sports are a great vehicle to learn lots of things you’ll use off the court or off the field.”

And the Olympics are a great way to inspire a young mind.

“Just the nature of the Olympics – they only come around once every four years and in some cases every five years,” says Junior. “It’s such a cool opportunity to see the world’s best athletes on the biggest stage.”

Encourage your kids to try-out sports they can stick with for a lifetime like tennis and golf.