Roy Johnson, coach of Bishop Sycamore high school football team, is let go

Bishop Sycamore coach Roy Johnson has been let go, school director Andre Peterson told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday.

The much-maligned Columbus, Ohio-based institution played two games in the three days over the weekend, the second of which resulted in a 58-0 loss to the powerhouse IMG Academy (Bradenton, Florida). Footage from both games confirmed players participating on both Friday and Sunday.

Bishop Sycamore drew ire from ESPN announcers for misleading them. The company that coordinated the game, Paragon, accused Bishop Sycamore of deliberate misdirection.

Peterson said the decision to move on from Johnson was made Sunday night, after the game against IMG. However, he did not publicize the news until having another conversation with Johnson earlier Tuesday.

Yet as the Bishop Sycamore controversy spiraled Monday, Johnson represented the school as its head coach in an interview on Twitter Spaces hosted by Michael Robinson. Peterson was OK with this.

“We hadn’t put anything out,” he reasoned. “So yeah, I was OK with it.”

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One reason behind Johnson’s removal was the poor job of tracking the team’s injuries, Peterson said.

“There were a lot of things played a part in it,” Peterson said.

Not among them was the fact the team played two games in three days, the director said. The fact Johnson recently became aware of a pending fraud charge also prompted the move.

“Roy has honestly been like a little brother to me in the sense that when really we were launching Bishop Sycamore, there were some things that we wanted to do better and could have done better,” said Peterson. “I value him as a person, but I just thought right now he needed to step down, he needed to go. We just decided to mutually part ways.”

So it’s not a firing?

“Yeah, it’s mutual. But he’s no longer head coach, so,” Peterson said.

Whatever you want to call it, Johnson is no longer the coach at Bishop Sycamore. Peterson said a coaches meeting Tuesday afternoon would determine the new head coach.

Check back for updates on the Bishop Sycamore story.

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