Woman Dress-Coded by Planet Fitness for Wearing Crop Top to New Jersey Gym

A gym-goer shared her experience of being dress-coded by Planet Fitness staff when she wore a crop top for a workout that supposedly broke the rules.

The Fairfield, New Jersey, location of Planet Fitness, marketed as a “judgement-free zone,” was the focus of TikTok user Alana Gomez-Solis’ viral video. According to Gomez-Solis, employees told her that her shirt was too short, “so I should pull my shirt down more and my leggings up more.”

In the image shown, Gomez-Solis is wearing a red crop top branded with Rutgers University, which she attends, along with black gym leggings—an outfit that wouldn’t seem out of place in any gym.

“Planet Fitness employees telling me this outfit broke their dress code,” she captioned the clip, in which she jokingly mimed to the words: “If you don’t like me, that’s fine, but you know, watch your mouth.”

According to the Planet Fitness website, the gym’s dress code implements rules only on “clothing that may be perceived as intimidating, revealing, or offensive.” The gym lists examples of prohibited clothing as open-toed shoes, jeans or pants with prominent grommets, dirty clothes and “clothing with messaging that a reasonable person may find offensive or otherwise inappropriate.”

In the five days since it was posted, the video has gained over 200,000 views and the comments have been filled with confusion over Planet Fitness’ actions.

“Wait, what? I legit wore a sports bra [at Planet Fitness],” wrote one viewer.

“This is more covered up than pretty much every person I see at Jersey Strong? Are they kidding?” added another.

“What? I literally wore a crop top and shorts to the Planet Fitness I go to the other day,” wrote a TikTok user.

In a statement, Planet Fitness apologized for Gomez-Solis’ experience and promised to train the gym’s staff on the company’s dress code, which doesn’t ban crop tops.

“We sincerely apologize for the unfortunate incident that took place at our Fairfield, NJ location.

“In this instance a staff member enforced a company dress code policy in error. We are working closely with the local franchise owner to re-educate our staff on current policies.

“We have also contacted this member directly to personally apologize and look forward to welcoming her back into our clubs.'”

Gym experiences have regularly gone viral on TikTok in recent months, including one woman’s “horrifying” gym workout that confused viewers and an all-female gym, which sparked heated debates online.

Newsweek contacted Planet Fitness and Alana Gomez-Solis for comment.

Image of a Planet Fitness logo at a gym. The gym has become the center of a viral video on dress code.
Don Emmert/Getty Images